Swindon Design Review

Panel Location

The Swindon Design Review Panel is held on regular pre-set dates at Swindon Borough Council.


The Design Review Panel also operates across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset, for more information visit:- 


Swindon Borough Council

Wat Tyler House,
Beckhampton Street, Swindon,



Tel 01793 445500
Fax 01793 466459



"Swindon's ambitious growth and regeneration plans are generating a buzz around the town. To capitalise on the attention our town is receiving it is vital that Swindon Borough Council works proactively with developers. Our Planning Committe has given unanimous approval to the setting up of the Swindon Design Review Panel as a vehicle to foster collaboration with developers. The Panel will offer practical advice to developers to help improve schemes coming forward. In so doing, I expect the Panel to add significant value to the development process in Swindon."  - David Dewart - Planning Manager, Swindon Borough Council - 2016

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